Petries Divers School

Petries Divers School is focused in training divers and in the organize small diving trips.

The main Diving programs are the following
diskaveryjunioropen wateradvancedmaster

Diskavery: An 1 hr lesson (theory and practise in using scuba diving equipment)

Junior open water: A lesson for the young divers (years of 12-16). It is a full open water programm and a degree is given to those that finish succesfully the 10 days program 

Open water sport diver: is s full 10 day program with theory and practise (10 meters deep), with a degree for those who succesfully finish it

Advansed open water
is for those who have the Open Water degree and want to move to the next level (30 meters deep)

Safe air diver is a lesson for using mixed oxygen gas for biggest time in the dea.

Dive master divers  is the final level after the open water lessons

Other programs that we provide are: rescue , dive medic (oxygen administration, first aid, cpr provider) UV navigation diver, current and drift diver, night dive wreck diver, advanced dive planning, altitude diver, safe air wreck diver, rebreather diver, technical diver, exploration diver or other specialties.

Petries Divers School was founded in 2008, by George Goumas. Mr. George Goumas is a trainer (owi, dmi, sai) and professional diver with a 15 years experience. The last years George is concentrated mailny in Technical Diving (with mixed gas,closed circuits, rebreathers)

Petries Divers School is a recognized member of the world organizations ANDI and Dan Europe, recognized by the Greek Navy Ministry, and EKPA (National - European Prototype in Diving )

You can contact us at (0030) 6974 332443
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